AJ4F362-WH807-Burgundy -Embroidered African Print Dress

Regal and bold, this Embroidered African Print Long Dress is an authentically African addition to any wardrobe. The dress is a tent-style dress that hangs loose from the shoulders. It features a u-neck and three-quarter length sleeves. The burgundy dress features a green and yellow patchwork pattern that is overlaid with gold and orange discs and burgundy and white figure eights that are connected with a pattern of burgundy funnel shapes. Comes with a matching headwrap. The dress is 54” in length and will fit up to a 52” bust. The sleeves are 12”. The headwrap is 10” x 44”. Made in India of 100% cotton.

AJ4F362-WH807-Burgundy -Embroidered African Print Dress


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